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Hi there

Dunno if this is allowed, but I hope it is - Lincoln isn't THAT far from Birmingham! :)

I'm currently in the middle of raising £2600 for Mind the Mental Health Charity and the latest project I've set up is connected with Night Watch, the Discworld book by Terry Pratchett - I'm making some commemorative teeshirts for the 25th May.

The Glorious Republic of Treacle Mine Road!
Sorry it's a blurry picture, Photobucket is being a pain in the bum again.

It's going to be purple text on the front of a black Gildan Ultra T shirt with a weight of 200gsm, sizes of 36, 40, 44, 48 and 52. A must for all fans! [This has been okayed by Colin Smythe, Pterry's agent, so everythings okay legally]

I'm putting the price at a bargain £12, taking into account how much it costs me to get them all done at diferent sizes. Shipping is extra, but contact me and I'll tell you how much and we'll work something out. I'm happy to send all over, but keep in mind(heh!) this is all for charity, and I get none of the profits. (See my personal journal or Justgiving Page for more details on this)

Anyone who wants a teeshirt - email me at dreamkin@hotmail.com and tell me your size, address, and method of payment. I haven't got a paypal account or anything - don't know how to get one, so if you live in the UK feel free to send me a cheque, but if you have access to a credit card I can use my Justgiving site as payment instead, okay?

Just go to www.justgiving.com/dreamkin and 'sponsor' me £12 (or equivalent, it works for overseas people too), making sure you put 'Discworld' somewhere in the comment box. I won't send out any teeshirts until I've got the dosh, but as we all know May 25th is looming so I'll work as quickly as possible.


Thankyou to everyone for their support,
Love Natalie

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