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Discworld glee since 2003

The best Uni Society in Brum (well according to TP - and that's what counts)

University of Birmingham's Discworld Society
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Established in September 2003, Discsoc, is the University of Birmingham's Guild of Students Discworld society.

(If you have any questions/ queries/ are generally perplexed, alone and frightened of this internet world, the mainatiners of this community are El president meatina (aka The Archchancellor), our secretary frightened (aka The Librarian), and our treasurer markyboypvfc (aka The Bursar), but beware, responses of ook, and 'where are my dried frog-pills?' are perfectly resonable.... well you have to admit anything is better than an exploding swamp dragon? well most anything.)

ooo yes also check out these places discworld and bugs_students